Overseas Tours
Oversea Tours by Canadian Teams

Overseas Tours by Canadian Teams

It was very rare for Canadian teams to go overseas to play before World War Two, but there were surprisingly enough four such tours.  The first was in 1888 when a team made up of players from the Western Football Association toured the British Isles.  A second, and much longer tour to the British Isles took place in 1891.  However, this time the organizers could not find enough players in the Western Football Association willing to make the trip, so players from teams in the U.S. American Football Association were recruited and make up about half the party.  Not until 1924 did a Canadian team tour overseas again.  This time players from all across the country toured Australia, while in 1927 a similar tour took place to New Zealand.

Great Britain 1888

Great Britain 1891 /1892

Australia 1924

New Zealand 1927