Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Football Association

Nova Scotia Football Association

The Nova Scotia Football Association was organized at a meeting held in the Halifax Hotel on February 7, 1913.

The clubs represented at this historic meeting were H.M.C.S. Niobe, R.C.G.A., R.C.R., R.C.E.,  A.S.C., C.O.C., Nova Scotia Car Works, Nova Scotia Rope Works, Clan Thistle, Halifax Hotel, Deaf and Dumb Institute, Trinity Y.M.A. and five other clubs from outside the Halifax area who did not send representatives but wrote their willingness to affiliate.

The election of officers resulted as follows.

President – T.J. Wilkinson
First Vice-President – F.J. Gardner
Second Vice-President – Sergeant Millward, R.C.E.
Honorary Secretary – F.J. Howley
Treasurer – G. Bateman
Council – Messrs. Foster, Wooley and Morton.

It was decided that the council would also include one member from each club.