British Tours to Canada
Charlton Athletic Tour, 1937

Charlton Athletic Tour, 1937

In addition to the games played in Canada, Charlton Athletic played games in the United States at the beginning and end of the tour in New York, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia.

The Charlton Athletic players making the tour were:

Sam Bartram, Herbert Turner, Sidney Cann, John Shreeve, Joseph Jobling, John Oakes, Herbert Tann, Donald Welsh, Fred Ford, Monty Wilkinson, George Robinson, George Tadman, Leslie Boulter, Harold Hobbis, Lenard Williams, George Stephenson and George Green. The team was managed by Jimmy Seed, and the trainer was Jimmy Trotter, the physician Dr. G.B. Montgomery, while two directors, Albert Arnold Gliksten and David Henry Clark, also accompanied the team.

May 30 American Soccer League 1: Charlton Athletic 1 in New York
June 3 Pittsburgh 0: Charlton Athletic 2 in Pittsburgh, Pa.
June 5 Michigan 0: Charlton Athletic 4 in Detroit, Michigan
June 6 Illinois 1: Charlton Athletic 4 in Chicago, Illinois
June 8 Alberta 1: Charlton Athletic 12 in Calgary, Alberta
June 13 Vancouver 2; Charlton Athletic 3 in Vancouver, British Columbia
June 14 Victoria 0: Charlton Athletic 4 in Victoria, British Columbia
June 17 Saskatchewan 2: Charlton Athletic 12 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
June 19 Manitoba 1: Charlton Athletic 9 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
June 23 Ontario 1: Charlton Athletic 6 in Toronto, Ontario
June 26 Philadelphia 0: Charlton Athletic 1 in Philadelphia, Pa.
June 27 U.S.F.A. 0: Charlton Athletic 4 in New York, N.Y.
July 1 Montreal 0: Charlton Athletic 4 in Montreal, Quebec

June 9, 1937, at Mewata Stadium in Calgary, Alberta
Alberta All-Stars 1 (Barrie)
Charlton Athletic 12 (Hobbis 5, Welsh 3, Wilkinson 3, Tadman)
HT: Att: 2200 Ref: J. Gilhooley
Alberta: Bobby Dunlop (Lethbridge Harlequins) – Colin McKay (?), Archie Thomson (Calgary Callies) – Ted Radley (Lethbridge Harlequins) , Ted Lewis (Edmonton Civics), Boyd (Calgary CPR) – Gibb (Calgary Callies), Archie Grierson (Navy), Norman “Curly” Johnson (Edmonton Civics), Andy Law (Calgary Callies), Barrie (Calgary Hillhurst).
Charlton: Bartram – Cann, Shreeve – Jobling, Oakes, Ford – Wilkinson, Tadman, Welsh, Stephenson, Hobbis.

June 13, 1937, at Con Jones Park in Vancouver, British Columbia
Vancouver All-Stars 2 (Spencer, Brown)
Charlton Athletic 3 (Welsh 2, Robinson)
HT: Att: 6000 Ref: Alec Murray
Vancouver: Stan Stronge – Jim Lawrie,(Fred Easley), Bob Harrison – Jimmy Wardlaw, Trevor Harvey, Murray West – Dave Brown, Dave Turner, Mike McManus, Jimmy Spencer, Alec Christie.
Charlton: Bartram – Turner, Shreeve – Tann, Oakes, Green – Tadman, Robinson, Welsh, Boulter, Hobbis.

June 14, 1937, at Royal Athletic Park in Victoria, British Columbia
Victoria All-Stars 0
Charlton Athletic 4 (Wilkinson, Williams, Welsh 2)
HT: 0–1 Att: Ref: Dave Swan
Victoria: Louis DaCosta (Esquimalt) – George Leggett (Saanich Thistles), John Roper (Victoria City) – Les Kennedy (?), Roy Barnes (Victoria West), Glen Robbins (Victoria City) – Terry Peers (Victoria City), Alex Ross (?), Eddie DaCosta (?), Noel Morgan (Victoria West), George Payne (Victoria City).
Charlton: Bartram – Turner, Cann – Jobling, Oakes, Ford – Wilkinson, Stephenson (Boulter), Welsh, Hobbis, Williams.

June 17, 1937, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan All-Stars 2 (Makepease 2)
Charlton Athletic 12 (Tadman 7, Wilkins 2, Boulter, Williams, Robinson)
HT: Att: 2300 Ref:
Sask: Sydney Wilson (Regina) – John Hayes (Saskatoon), Ron Rivett (Saskatoon) – George Greyeyes (Carlton Indian Agencies), Jack Fraser, David Greyeyes (Carlton Indian Agencies) – Laurie Kuski (Regina), Entwhistle (Saskatoon), R. Gill (Saskatoon), Tommy Makepease (Prince Albert), A. McCann (Saskatoon), Comack (Prince Albert).
Charlton: Bartram – Turner, Cann – Jobling, Tann, Green – Wilkinson, Robinson, Tadman, Boulter, Williams.

June 19, 1937, in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Manitoba All-Stars 1 (Hampton)
Charlton Athletic 9 (Robinson, Welsh 4, Hobbis 2, Wilkinson, Ford)
HT: Att: 4000 Ref: Jimmy Kelly (Winnipeg)
Manitoba: Johnny Reid – Shields, Jackie Morrison – George Ness, “Shifty” Jennings, Joe Playfoot – “Dazzy” Chrzanowski, Buzz Horne, Bobby Hampton, Alan Hodgert, George Pickup.
Charlton: Bartram – Turner, Cann – Jobling, Okaes, Ford – Wilkinson, Robinson, Welsh, Stephenson, Hobbis.

June 23, 1937, at Consols Stadium in Toronto, Ontario
Ontario All-Stars 1 (Aiken)
Charlton Athletic 6 (Hobbis 2, Tadman 3, Green)
HT: Att: 5000 Ref: Murphy
Ontario: Alan Smart (Toronto Maple Leafs) – Cyril Davis (Sudbury), Bill Davison (Toronto Ulster United) – Johnny Bruce (Sudbury), Alex Mair (Timmins Dome Mines), Joe Clulow (Toronto British Consols) – Sam McNabney (Toronto Ulster United), Johnny Aiken (Toronto Ulster United), George Graham (Toronto Ulster United), Jimmy Galloway (Toronto England United), Henry Lone (Sudbury). Drummond (Hamilton Stelco) for Bruce.
Charlton: Bartram – Turner, Shreeve – Jobling, Tann, Green – Wilkinson, Robinson, Tadman, Boulter, Hobbis.

July 1, 1937, at Royals Stadium in Montreal, Quebec
Montreal 0
Charlton Athletic 4 (Wilkinson, Hobbis, o.g., Tadman)
HT: 2–0 Att: 3000 Ref: W.B. Howie
Montreal: Dick Shorrock (Carsteel) – Ryrie (Maisonneuve), George White (Carsteel) – Allan Fitzpatrick (Royal Victoria Hospital), Ron Low (Carsteel), Herb Leah (Carsteel) – Roland Castonguay (Carsteel), “Red” Neal (Royal Victoria Hospital), Art Pordham (Royal Victoria Hospital), Pat Fallon (Glen Yards), A. Ford (Glen Yards). (Subs: Lang, Gammon)
Charlton: Bartram – Turner, Shreeve – Green, Tann, Ford – Wilkinson, Robinson, Tadman, Stevenson, Hobbis.